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Meet our team and learn what inspires them to do this work.
Marva Overton
Marva E. Overton – Executive Director

I come to this work with the knowledge of, and belief in, the strength and resilience of African Americans. I recognize that the problems we face are deeply rooted in our history as a people in this country.  Yet, I know of our achievements and successes despite the odds. I do this work out of the obligation I feel to honor my ancestors and use the blessings I have received to contribute to the positive advancement of the black community and all of humanity.

Genice Harris, Program Manager

I am passionate about raising awareness and holding space for my community to talk about health, wellness, and self-care.  While there are several socioeconomic factors that have great impact on health outcomes in the African American community, a few that stand out include: 

  • accessing culturally preferred foods
  • controlling how these foods are grown and harvested
  • managing stress and finances


As a registered nurse, holistic wellness advocate, and educator, I believe it is imperative that African Americans get back to their roots. The Intergenerational Gardening Soul to Soul program not only addresses some of these disparities, it also brings all aspects (mind, body, & soul) together as it grounds and centers all participants. 

Shameika Bunton, Adult Team Lead
I was introduced to gardening through my grandfather Chester Bunton, as well as my “Big Mama” (great grandmother) Nail Clark. I’m a single mother of a 13-year old son, Carl. I’m very grateful that Carl and I have been able to experience gardening together on this level. I do this work because it connects me to my past and gives me the opportunity to work with others to garden, which is something I truly love.
Shameika Bunton
Angela Bigham, Team Manager

For many years I have been interested in addressing the health status of the Black community. I currently serve as the health ministry leader at my church. I extended my efforts by working with AAAHCT because I am passionate about educating and helping people to become healthier physically, spiritually and mentally.

Angela Bigham
Sharon Ellerby
Sharon Ellerby, Team Manager
I’m very passionate about health and wellness and desire to assist my community through A Better Me in accessing tools and resources available to enhance their knowledge and skill to positively reach their health goals. I enjoy using my creativity, passion and commitment to A Better Me to encourage those around me to make healthier choices to become a better version of themselves.
Joan Roberts Scott
Joan Roberts Scott, Team Manager
I am a retired employee from the State of Texas Disability Determination Services.  I got involved in work with AAAHCT because I have experienced being overweight and not being physically active. I also have a family history of chronic diseases. For 35 years I have been involved in improving my health and helping others do the same.  As a Team Manager, I am able to encourage and help African Americans focus on their overall health and learn to enjoy doing it.

Board of Directors

  • Nicole Thompson, Board Chair
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Secretary
  • DeDra Overton, Treasurer
  • Charlotte Caples
  • Darrias Thomas
  • Shirelle Zachery


Community Health Organizers are the heart and soul of the AAAHCT. These are individuals who help plan, execute, and/or participate in AAAHCT programs. They bring perspectives from the areas in which they live, work, worship and socialize. These individuals are making a positive impact on the health of their community.