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Health Heroes

Serving to inspire others that we can take control of our health.

Health HeroesWe often hear about the negative aspects of health in the African American community. We know that the data shows we are first in far too many categories when it comes to negative health outcomes. But there are positive steps being taken by individuals throughout our community and we want to lift these individuals up.

Starting in 2010, AAAHCT appeared on Health Talk, the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Health Talk is a weekly radio program sponsored by Austin Public Health’s, Health Equity unit. It airs weekly on KAZI (88.7 FM) at 8 a.m. AAAHCT brought a guest on to talk about a health challenge they were currently dealing with or had dealt with in the past. These individuals are called Health Heroes. They serve as an inspiration and example to others that we can take control of our health and make the necessary steps to improve outcomes and have a better quality of life. While we are currently not on the program each month, we are always looking for those s/heroes willing to share their story.

If you or someone you know would like to be our guest, please contact Marva Overton, (512) 619-4280 or email